Social Media <3

Social Media is an incredible thing. I’ve had Facebook for years now, probably since I was in high school. I’ve met a ton of great people there and the support groups are amazing. You can find almost anything you want on Facebook.

Twitter is pretty awesome, but I hate that they limit the number of characters in each post–typical writer problem, I know. Admittedly, I’m not very good at Twitter yet. It’s still pretty new to me, since I’ve only had an account for a couple months, but the support I’ve gotten so far is pretty incredible.

Another new platform to me is Instagram. I honestly thought I’d hate it, but it’s become my absolute favorite over the past month and a half since I’ve had it. It sounds crazy because, really, how many pictures can you take? The answer: a crap ton. I LOVE playing with photos more than I ever thought I would. I play with covers of my books all the time, adding captions and quotes. It probably drives people crazy, seeing the same thing all the time, but hey. It happens. I’m not a huge selfie person (since I generally prefer to not terrify my audience) but I post a few pics of me here and there.

If you’re on any of these, look me up! I love meeting new people 🙂


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