Favorite Genre to Read (and Write!)

So, it should come as no shock that my favorite genre to write is Romance. I love everything about it and I’m a huge sucker for a happily ever after. There’s enough bad shit going on in the world. All I want is for my two characters to be happy – is that too much to ask???

I love romantic suspense, because (as a reader) it keeps me involved in the story. I get sucked into it, like I’m trying to sleuth out the killer, and I NEED TO KNOW RIGHT NOW. Romance in general is great, but I find myself skimming through the sickly sweet ones, just waiting for something to happen. And right now, I’m really over MC romance. Don’t get me wrong – I love a bad boy, and bring on the sexy tats, the more the better. But for God’s sake, give the dude an occupation.

Historical romance is an all-time favorite of mine, too. I sometimes widh I could transport myself back in time and get swept up in the world of balls and Society. I find the Regency period particularly fascinating, but I really think that’s just my inner little girl screaming to play dress up. 🙂

When I was younger, I LOVED horror and I collected YA horror books like they were going out of style: Goosebumps, Shivers, Fear Street. You name it, I had them all. I think it was this particular fascination that turned me to romantic suspense as an author. I’m drawn to the dark, scary side of life that we all know is out there – but I can at least give my characters the ability to overcome it and find their happily ever after. <3


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