Family, Friends, and Pets I’ve Written Into My Books

Ugh… It’s been awhile. Admittedly, I’m pretty terrible at keeping up with my blog, but it’s been a crazy month – getting Escape published and getting Death Do Us Part rolling (which is due out in June! Yay!). Now I’m trying to get back into the swing of things. This week’s topic is people that I’ve written into my books.

First and foremost – Me. There is a lot of ME in my main characters. People tell you to write what you know… Since Escape was my debut novel, we’ll start with Eve. Despite a bad experience with an ex-boyfriend, she was able to overcome it and find true love. Eve loves to bake (watch for some recipes over the course of the year – Maple Iced Pumpkin Cookies are the BEST!) and she’s a little shy, a little quirky, just like me. My husband is the charismatic kind of person that can walk up to anyone and start a conversation and be their best friend in minutes. Me? I just want to sit over her and read (or write) my book in peace. This journey is definitely pushing me outside of my comfort zone, forcing me to do try things I’ve never done before. But I have to admit – I’ve been loving it. I’ve never been more thankful for anything in my life. It’s absolutely incredible to do something I love. But I digress.

My husband. Nick – from Death Do Us Part – is the fictional version of my husband (with bigger muscles!). He’s kind of an asshole, but sexy and lovable, and I love the dynamic between him and Savannah, who’s sweet and sassy, the perfect offset to Nick’s brash brawniness. Blake (The Devil You Know) is all alpha-male, but he loves Victoria unconditionally and will do anything for her, a quality that I admire in my husband (no matter how often I drive him crazy with my ridiculous antics). I try to write little bits of my husband and our relationship into each character’s story, blurring the lines between reality and fiction to make it feel real.

Pets. Not yet – But keep an eye out for Bella in my current work in progress, Frozen in Time. 🙂


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