Fiction vs. Reality

Do you ever look at someone or read about something that happened and think, “that belongs in a book?” I love basing characters and situations off of real people and things. Plus, when someone pisses me off in real life, I can kill them off in my book and not get arrested. ;o)

In my newest release, Death Do Us Part, my main character Nick is a Detective in Florida. In one part of the book, he’s talking about some of the cases he’d worked, like this one below:

Thankfully, there wasn’t too much traffic, but that would change in just a couple of weeks. By the end of October, all of the snowbirds would have flocked south to the warmer climate, clogging up the roads. He supposed he shouldn’t complain, since it brought a ton of money into the state, but they always got an influx of calls during ‘season’ and he wasn’t particularly looking forward to it. It’d been busy enough as it was without the Sheriff’s Office fielding calls about stolen dentures. Nick rolled his eyes. He still couldn’t believe that one. An elderly man had left his dentures in a glass on the front porch and gone inside for a few moments. When he’d come back, they were gone, apparently stolen by the resident next door as part of an ongoing feud. Nick had been with the force for over a decade and that was one of the strangest—and most hilarious—calls they’d ever received. He chuckled softly. People never ceased to surprise him.

Believe it or not, my friends, this is based on a true story. Years ago, I used to peruse the police log of our local newspaper just to see what the crazy people of our small town were up to, And, yep, the police responded to a call about stolen dentures.

Sometimes you just can’t make shit up!


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