Brynlee Layne has the neighbor from hell. Detective Sawyer Reed is crass, surly, and rude… It’s hate at first sight. From the moment he moves in, Brynlee is plagued with a string of bad luck. Is the detective responsible? Or has someone with a much darker motive set their sights on her?

Sawyer Reed doesn’t have the time or patience for his irritating new neighbor. He’s devoted to his job as a detective, and she’s a distraction he can’t afford—especially when the latest victim in a series of meticulously executed killings is discovered. Each new piece of evidence seems to lead to a dead end, and every clue uncovers more questions than answers.

In the blink of an eye, the case takes a personal turn when Brynlee is abducted by the very killer he’s been chasing. In a race against time, Sawyer delves deeper into the shadowy underbelly of Brookhaven, unearthing dark secrets that someone would kill to keep hidden. Each step brings him closer to the truth, but also closer to danger. Sawyer must find Brynlee and bring her home before the killer adds one more victim to his deadly tally…