Brynlee Layne has the neighbor from hell. The grumpy detective is crass, surly, rude… and undeniably handsome. From the moment they meet, it’s hate at first sight. Almost as soon as he moves in, Brynlee is plagued with a string of bad luck. Is the detective responsible? Or has someone with  much darker motive set their sights on her?

Sawyer Brooks doesn’t have the time or patience to deal with his irritating new neighbor—even if she is sexy as sin. He’s devoted to his job as detective, and she’s a distraction he can’t afford. Especially when they discover the third victim in a recent string of murders. Now the small town must face a very serious reality: a killer is on the loose. 

When Brynlee finds herself in danger, she and Sawyer must set aside their differences—and address the chemistry between them—before the killer adds one more victim to his deadly tally…