Ainsley Layne is running from something—or someone. Sheriff Dare Jensen can see it in the way she watches her surroundings, the way she flinches away from him every time he comes near. Though she tries to hide the shadows in her eyes, the dark bruises that riddle her body tell their own dark tale.

Dare knows that winning her trust won’t be easy. She’s been hurt too many times and, despite his offer of a safe haven, she refuses to confide in him. Until the killings begin…

When a young woman is found strangled to death and left posed on a park bench, the murder rocks the small town of Brookhaven. Coinciding so closely with Ainsley’s arrival, Dare can’t help but wonder… Is it a coincidence? Or is it somehow connected to the woman residing under his roof?

Ainsley stirs his protective instincts in a way no other woman ever has, and Dare soon finds himself caught between love and duty. As sheriff, he takes pride in his strong moral compass. Taking advantage of the woman in his care goes against everything he believes in. But as a man, he can’t deny the passion that blazes between them…

When Ainsley is drawn into a sinister plan for revenge, Dare must rely on every ounce of training to save the woman he loves—before she becomes the next victim in a deadly game of cat and mouse.

Release Date September 5, 2024


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