Worth the Risk

One mistake changed my life forever. I’ve spent the past twelve years behind bars, ever since a stupid teenage prank went horribly awry. Now I’m out, working as a mechanic in my cousin’s garage. All I want is to keep my head down and get my life back on track. But when I find a beautiful woman and her little girl stranded on the side of the road, it throws my carefully constructed world into chaos.

By now you think I’d know better. My ex left me pregnant and alone, and I’ve spent the last six years focusing on my daughter, Maddie. We do just fine by ourselves, and we don’t need a man to make us happy. But when my car breaks down and the quiet, handsome mechanic comes to our rescue, I can’t help the pull I feel to him. Mick is nothing like my drug-dealing ex, and I fall for him a little more every day. But when a secret from his past hits a little too close to home, I’m faced with a life-altering decision—walk away before I get hurt again, or follow my heart and give Mick a second chance?

Coming Spring 2023