I knew Fox would find me; it was only a matter of time. But I won’t give in without a fight. He owes me the truth, and I’m determined to get answers no matter what it takes. I’m not at all prepared for what I discover, and I’m forced to acknowledge that no one is as innocent as they appear. Each day brings us closer to finding Araña, the man Fox has been hunting for decades—until the unthinkable happens, and a shocking betrayal shatters our hopes for the future.


One minute everything was perfect. The next, Eva is ripped from my life, kidnapped in broad daylight, gone without a trace. But they don’t know me. I’ll dismantle Araña’s empire piece by piece, kill a thousand men to bring her back to me. The closer I get to revealing the truth, the more tangled the web of deceit becomes. They say the devil comes in many forms—but this was one we never expected…

*Don’t miss the stunning conclusion to Fox and Eva’s story! Sinful Sacrament contains situations that may not be comfortable for all readers.