Ever since I lost my boyfriend to a car accident five years ago, I haven’t let myself get close to anyone. But that’s okay, because my best friend Gray more than makes up for it.

Then the dreams start. Each night my head hits the pillow, it’s his face I see, his arms I feel wrapped around me. Though I try to hide my feelings, it gets harder every day. The one man I desire most is the one I can’t have.

I’m in love with Grayson Thorne… And he can never know.



I knew I wanted Claire the moment we met. She wasn’t ready for a relationship then, so I waited patiently. Bided my time. For two years we’ve been best friends; we do everything together—except the one thing I really want from her. But I’ve seen the way she’s been watching me recently. I know she feels the shift between us, and I’m ready to make her mine.

Unfortunately, someone else has Claire in their sights, too. The incidents start small—a misplaced memento here. A hang-up call there. But when things go from bad to worse, I’ll do everything in my power to protect her… Because Claire is my best friend. The love of my life. My everything. 


*Friendly Fire is a small-town, friends-to-lovers, romantic suspense full of thrills, a dash of humor, and all the feels.