My sexy as sin divorce attorney is enough to tempt any sane woman. As the line between our professional and personal relationship begins to blur, I find myself falling hard and fast. But I’m too bruised, too broken. All I can offer him is one night… no matter how much I want to believe it could be so much more.


One night wasn’t nearly enough. I’ll break down Kate’s walls, strip away her defenses one devastating kiss at a time. She doesn’t trust men, but I’ll show her how much I want her every day for the rest of my life.

When Kate finds a mutilated body during a morning run, she finds herself drawn into the investigation… and right into the killer’s crosshairs. I’ll do anything to keep her safe—even when the evidence points to someone close to us…


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Don’t miss these alpha heroes and their sexy heroines! Each book in the Quentin Security Series is a standalone and they can be read in any order, but watch for familiar characters to pop up along the way!