He’s the only man I’ve ever wanted—but I can never have him. Drew Thorne is funny, sexy, smart… and my best friend’s older brother. Though I’ve lusted after him for years, he’s never truly seen me. I’ll just have to keep my feelings bottled up, no matter how much I wish things could be different.

When my mom’s boyfriend moves into our house, I know I have to find a place of my own. His eyes follow me a little too closely, and his lingering touches make my skin crawl. When my best friend, Izzy, discovers that I’m looking for an apartment, she suggests I move in with Drew. It could be the perfect solution… or the perfect storm. But if this is my only chance to make him see the woman I’ve become, I’m going to grab onto it with both hands. Because Drew Thorne is worth fighting for.



This has been my worst idea yet. When my baby sister offers to let her best friend crash at my place until she gets on her feet, I knew it would be a mistake. Having Emery there each day tests the limits of my control. Because she isn’t just my sister’s friend. The girl I knew is now all grown up, and far too tempting to resist.

The more time we spend together, the more I find myself falling for her. But someone else has their eye on her, too. When Emery is abducted in broad daylight, I’ll do anything to find the woman who’s become my whole world.