Fiction vs. Reality

Do you ever look at someone or read about something that happened and think, “that belongs in a book?” I love basing characters and situations off of real people and things. Plus, when someone pisses me off in real life, I can kill them off in my book and not get arrested. ;o) In my… Continue reading Fiction vs. Reality

Marvel vs. DC

Yep, so you all know where this is going. Lol Is there anything better than superheroes looking super-sexy and saving the world? Probably not, no. I’ve always been a DC girl myself and I absolutely adore Batman. He’s been my character crush since I was four years old and if I’d ever wavered at some… Continue reading Marvel vs. DC

Social Media <3

Social Media is an incredible thing. I’ve had Facebook for years now, probably since I was in high school. I’ve met a ton of great people there and the support groups are amazing. You can find almost anything you want on Facebook. Twitter is pretty awesome, but I hate that they limit the number of… Continue reading Social Media <3

Character Mock Ups

I recently posted a meme on social media about characterizations that went something like this… “I’m a writer. If I’m staring at you, I’m not being rude. I’m trying to decide if you need to go in a book. If you’re being a jerk, I may be trying to figure out how to kill you.”… Continue reading Character Mock Ups

Chase Your Dreams

Ever since I was little, I’ve been fascinated with writing. When I was about seven, my dad bought our first desktop computer, and I would spend hours writing short stories—amid playing “Ski Free” and getting eaten by the abominable snowman…  😊  There are probably two dozen half-finished ramblings stored on that old hard drive, and… Continue reading Chase Your Dreams

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When Eve receives a threat from her ex-boyfriend, she turns to the only person she can trust… Michael. See below for an excerpt!  <3 She walked around the small building, keys in hand. At the base of the stairs, the now familiar feeling of being watched crept over her and she scanned the area. She… Continue reading Danger…

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Eve + Michael

I had a blast writing ESCAPE, and I hope you guys love Eve and Michael as much as I do. See below for a sneak peek… <3 His dark mood was intensified by the sound of gravel crunching in the driveway and he swiveled in his chair to glance out the window overlooking the front… Continue reading Eve + Michael

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