Amelia Hamilton has made a great life for herself over the past decade, and she doesn’t need any reminders of her past—especially not her ex-husband Jack. But her father’s sudden death turns her world upside down. A clause in his will stipulates she spend four weeks at a mountain resort, and she finds herself at Briarleigh to fulfill his last request.

But not all is as it seems in the picturesque town, and it becomes increasingly obvious that someone wants her gone. When a car accident lands her on the doorstep of the last person she expects to see, Amelia realizes that her rescuer may pose the greatest danger of all…


Jack Prescott is stunned when his ex-wife, Mia, stumbles upon his cabin in the middle of a snow storm, battered and bruised. On the heels of the recent upheaval at their local ski resort, he can’t help but wonder… Was her accident just that—an accident—or is someone trying to harm Mia?

Despite his vow to steer clear of her, Jack finds that time hasn’t diminished the desire simmering between them. Their love burns brighter than ever, igniting into a passion that neither can resist. But each passing day brings them closer to learning the truth of what really happened—and revealing the secret that could tear them apart.


Reeling from Jack’s betrayal, Mia once more walks away from the only man she’s ever loved. Torn between the past and present, unsure of whom to trust, she grapples with how to move on with her life. As her memory begins to return, Mia realizes that the truth may not be what it seems…

Jack is determined to right the wrongs he’s caused Mia. When she unwittingly steps into the path of a killer bent on revenge, he’ll stop at nothing to keep her safe—especially when the evidence points to someone close to her…

In the wake of tragedy, can two shattered hearts forge an unbreakable love? Or will the pain of the past prove too much to bear?


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