After the mission three years that nearly ended my life, all I want is peace and quiet in my sleepy little town. When I find the green-eyed beauty sleeping in her car on the side of the road, I have no choice but to offer her a safe haven. The darkness in her eyes tells me that Jules harbors a deep secret, and the bruises covering her body elicit a protectiveness I never knew existed.

Despite the inexplicable connection between us, I need to stay away—far, far away. Jules is too young, too innocent for a man like me. Everything about her is wrong… but so very right. When a threat from the past sets their sights on Jules, I’ll do everything in my power to protect the woman who’s come to mean everything to me.


Giuliana means the world to me, and I want her by my side every day for the rest of my life. But danger is closer than either of us expected, and our dreams for the future are ripped away in an instant.

When Jules is kidnapped by the man who’s been hunting her for months, I’ll stop at nothing to bring her home safely—even if it means facing my demons and going back to the one place I swore never to step foot in again.

As the search for Jules intensifies, a tangled web of betrayal and deceit begins to unravel. Each clue brings me closer to finding her—and revealing a shattering truth that could tear us apart forever…